Like every business, Food and Restaurant business needs marketing and sales promotion. One can only succeed in the restaurant business in present times of cut-throat competition if one has a robust marketing plan and techniques.  In this time of heavy penetration of smartphones among masses, mobile apps are the best way to promote your restaurant business, and in this article, we are going to explain the need of marketing your restaurant business and how mobile apps can help you promote your restaurant business.

In a past number of restaurants was very small. There was no competition and every restaurant had a roaring business. But in present times a large number of restaurants are in operation and there is stiff competition among them to retain loyal customers. Also, the restaurant business is considered very attractive due to higher profits, low break-even point, cash counter sales and people prefer to restaurant cooked food.

But the restaurant business faces a great challenge in the present times due to high initial cost on equipment, large employment of workforce, a great location, high labour turn over ratio, and lack of proper marketing knowledge. As these challenges are great and technology can in no way help you to find a great chef and prime location. But on the other hand, it can definitely help in offering the best promotional activities.

We are living in a world of smartphones and people love smartphone apps over the websites. Mobile restaurant apps provide a very viable solution to the restaurant owner in restaurant promotion.

How Mobile Apps can help in Restaurant Promotion?

The mobile phone is playing a key role in the life of everyone, and on average, each person spends about 3 hours on mobile phones and search for a restaurant. Now the taste of the meal is second to the restaurant online presence. No amount of testy food matters if your restaurant doesn’t have an online presence on the internet. Now it is high time to have an app for your restaurant. Below are some top ways in which mobile apps can help you in promoting your restaurants business.

  1. Through Social Media Apps: Almost all the smart mobile phones come with pre-loaded social media apps like Facebook and Whatsapp. The reason for this is that people nowadays love to have their presence on the internet. With 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users and more than one billion 1 billion users are the top social media apps.

Official presence of your restaurant is necessary now. It does matter how active you are on the pages of social media apps? Do you have your own hashtags? It is better if you start working on these social media trends soon. All these social media trends will help you to promote your restaurant in a great way. By the following tips you can chalk out the programme to promote your restaurant business on social media through apps:

* Create hashtags of your restaurant

* Try to upload high-resolution images of the restaurant and special foods you prepare every day

* Hold a contest where your restaurant persons can have fun and take pride in eating your restaurant food.

* Create high-level contents

* Display your special offers on social media

  1. Through Convenience Apps: Convenience apps are for the convenience of restaurant customers. These apps allow users to book restaurant tables in advance. During the rush hour between 1-3 pm and 8-10 pm almost all the restaurants have full occupancy and it is difficult to get a vacant table. These convenience apps help restaurant-goers to pre-book a table in rush hour. Not only they can book a table they can also order the food of their choice to be served to them at the booked time.

Restaurants can get many befits from these convenience apps. First users consider the restaurant as a responsible business entity if they offer such app facility and also then can get rid of waiting time at the restaurant. All this make restaurant customer loyal to the restaurant and thus adds to the revenue earned by it.

  1. Through Restaurant Finder Apps: Restaurants are supposed to register on these apps( through paid registration) and the app displays each and every detail of your restaurant. These apps provide the users with an option through the fillers like location, cuisine, top-rated etc and help them to find the best restaurant of their choice. Zomato is one such restaurant finder popular app available to the users. Millennials have must trust and faith in these apps and are influenced in their decisions to choose the best restaurant and food.
  2. Through On-Demand Apps: Users don’t mind to pay some extra amount to get delicious and favourite food on their doorsteps even in odd hours. The on-demand apps provide an option to users to select the restaurant, read its menu and select their favourite item, but the address of delivery, pay for it online and the food delivered at their doorsteps. Moreover, these apps provide users with a large number of payment options like phone pay, Paytm etc.
  3. Through Payment Apps: These apps integrate with your restaurant app during the phase of Restaurant app development process and involve usually third party payment apps. These apps allow users to pay for their restaurant bills through these apps when they visit the restaurant to have food, and the need for cash is eliminated.
  4. Through Crowdsourced Review App: These are basically community apps where users come and share their reviews, thoughts etc. Yelp app is the best example of a crowdsource review app. Generally, users first search for the restaurant from reviews and ratings of other users, and then only take the serious decision of dining out in the restaurant. On review apps, you can set up a page with enticing images of food items prepared in the restaurant, ambience, staff service etc, and you can get good reviews on the review apps. If your restaurant gets good reviews, you can use it for promotion of your restaurant.
  5. Creating your restaurant own app: Your own restaurant app is one of the best ways to promote your restaurant. On this app, you can offer all the options and facilities to the users like online ordering, home delivery facility, one line payment, online table booking, placing online food orders in advance and a social media page for the users to discuss and post reviews of the restaurant among their friends and relatives. For developing a restaurant app for your restaurant you can hire a  Leading Mobile App Development Company USA call +1(408)-372-0967.

In the end, we can say that apps provide a great platform and help in promoting your restaurant. Due to the fierce competition, every restaurant must start using technology to promote the restaurant business and the use of the app is the best way for that.


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