The real challenge that app developers are facing right now is how your mobile app is seen in the app store where there are more than two million apps and how they are downloaded by the people. Due to high competition developers look for the ways to be on top of the list. All this is performed through App Store Optimization.

What is App Store Optimization(ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a resource application which helps in improving the mobile application ranking. The aim is to rank high in the app store’s search results for a better chance of getting downloaded.  It is Just more like a Search Engine Optimization on the web. Due to its similarities to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, app store optimization is also referred to as App Store SEO, App Search Optimization, and Mobile App SEO. An App Store is just like the store in the market where we can purchase goods and products. Only those product get our attention which is displayed in the first row and register more sales than other products. Same is the case with the App Store.  An App can rank higher with certain keywords so that Mobile App Development Company can get more downloads of the app and also reap rich profits from the hits and downloads of that app from the app store.

The main focus of ASO is an expert resource application related to improving the ranking of mobile applications(apps) available directly within the app stores ( like Google Play, iTunes, and Windows  Store). The main mobile phones for which apps are created for different platforms like iPhone/ IPad (Apple), Android and Window Phones.

The main aim of ASO is nearly always app downloads, but there are certain other supplemental goals which include:

* To get Increased brand exposure.

* Have Positive app reviews and ratings.

* To get increased Audience engagement.

* To Get Additional marketing Channel diversification.

Since the number of apps and their users is increasing day by day, your investment in ASO is justified. About 5 million apps are now available on various platforms as on today and their number is increasing by many thousands every month. There are 5 billion app downloads between the year 2016-2017 as per Sistista.Com. So the next big and best place to invest in the digital world is App Store Optimization (ASO). It is also more important to put the focus on ASO since there is an increase in mobile devices use globally and decline in social media growth over the last few months.

Like SEO which raises your website ranking on Google page so that everyone is able to see it in the first instance, ASO optimize your app in a manner that it is visible to everyone. ASO is not a one time process but an ever-evolving process. The real ASO work starts when the app has been built. Here you want that people know about your app and bring the people to it. By using ASO you are in a position to track the app performance and also know about the areas where it is lacking. You are in a position to improve upon the app, remove the areas where it lacks and provides users with a better version in the updates. All this will help you to place your app in a better and significant position in the app store. For ASO you can take help of Leading App development company USA call +1(408)-372-0967.

Since the apps are developed to market products, ASO helps in app ranking algorithms and improve the app quality, freshness element, reviews, ratings, etc. To get maximum return of the investment from App Stores marketing experts to rely on key performance factors like ranking, impression, shares, downloads, and engagements ( reviews and ratings).

Tactics For App Store Optimization:

ASO is the foundation of organic search optimization of app stores within the enlarged marketing mix. There are a number of tactics that are used in SEO can be easily applied to ASO. Though there may be variation in-app store features and available fields the core optimization item that you need to focus and improve are:

  1. App Name, URL and Subtitle: Always ensure that app title reflects the keywords that describe the app functioning. It is important that these areas reflect the highest value keywords and the user’s search behavior.
  2. App Keywords and field(s): Keywords you are using must be updated so that they represent the latest users queries. The app development company must perform a thorough search of keywords to optimizing the app.
  3. App ratings and reviews: It the core trust area for users as well as for developers to provide a ranking signal for the app store. There has to be a system of the framework in place for generating the app reviews on a regular basis and also for replying to and engaging with a review for the app.
  4. App downloads: You always would expect that your app receives more downloads for your app so that you have more profit from the app. The basic concept of ASO is more app downloads and receive better users attention and prominence in app store rankings.

For better ranking, you should make sure that your app is error-free, have an updated and latest version, incorporate all the latest features so that users attention is drawn towards it. By frequently updating an app, adding new features, helps in the growth of your brand value and next time users to start looking for not only your app but the brand also. An app gets more recognition for your brand on the app store if your app is fresher with all latest updates.

Factors that will help you to get more relevance on the App Store:

Always ensure that your app reflects user feedback, incorporate latest technology changes, features additions and improvements and are constantly updated.

More frequent updated apps tend to drive more positive and more frequent reviews.

Ensure that the design of the product page is easy to use. Go for more frequent changes in the product page to facilitate the users to have the latest account of the product and your brand.

There should be a proper review and testing of each of your app store fields so they are frequently modified with key metrics associated with the field. This will ensure better ranking of your app on the app store.

Include videos, screenshots, and thumbnails to help users know how the app looks like and how it functions. The videos should be of very short duration about 30 seconds and inclusion of a few screenshots will ensure to attract the attention of users to look for your app.

To ensure that your app is ahead of competitors by many ranks there should be a complete understanding of ranking algorithms and how they come into force. You should keep in mind that ASO is an ongoing process and any slackness on your part will erode the app rank on the app store. A sharp eye on all the latest developments in the field ASO, and get it incorporated in the app will provide a successful model for your app on the app store.

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