The first process in any app development is to explore the app idea, and the next step is turning the idea into a reality. But the job is not finished by just developing an app and put it on app stores. This step is followed by a number of other modules, one of which includes app monetization. This involves planning and developing strategies on how to make money out of an app. The monetization strategies are not limited to just a new app, these techniques can also work the same way for the apps already on the app store.

In this article, we will discuss the important strategies of app monetization and it will serve you as a guide to monetize your app that could fetch you a decent return on your app investment:

Best Strategies for Mobile App Monetization:

App monetization strategies depend on how well you get to know about the target audience, their behavior, how they may be using your app. It also depends on whether the downloads of your app is free or paid one. You cannot work out some type of strategy for each app but you have to decide on those strategies which are best suitable for a particular app. Opting the right strategies is necessary to drive the revenue. You can consult the best app development company USA call+ 1(408)-372-0967    how to monetize your app in a proper way.

  1. In-App Advertising:-One of the best ways to monetize the mobile app is through in-app advertising. Many trends are there in the mobile industry for in-app advertising. Due to massive potentials that in-app carries for further growth this method is turning very successful for the app developers. Mover trends from across the globe also reflect the potentials of in-app advertising.

 * About 95% of Google’s revenue from in-app advertising

 * Leading surveys show that Global internet revenue is likely to exceed $ 200 billion and the US digital advertising share is about $ 83billion alone.

The above revenue figures clearly indicate potential that online advertising holds and promises to bring back core value to your revenue model.

Now it is essential for you to devise a strategy on how you will display the ads. But one thing you should know that no one likes ads. No users of an app like that their app browsing experiences get hammered by a series of ads popping out one after another. You should devise such a way and educate your users that they don’t get feeling that ads are hampering their app viewing experience.

  1. Leads Generation Through Affiliate Marketing: The other app monetization technique which can help you to bring visibility and the revenue back to your business is affiliate marketing. This kind of marketing depends on how in extraordinary ways other company’s services and products can be promoted by third parties to earn a piece of the profit for selling other products. There are so many affiliate programs that app developers can try at least once to gaze at the revenue potentials.

Thus hosting ads on the website or mobile could bring additional traffic and revenue for your application.

  1. In-App Purchasing: One of the excellent ways to monetize mobile apps that have proved its worth to the marketer is In-app purchasing or IAP. It is a leading revenue generator model of top US 50 Android companies.This model includes a simple strategy with the apps that come for “free to play” but with a “pay to win” model. The best example of the In-App Purchasing model is of Pokemon Go app from Niantic which still generates the US $ 2million in daily revenue. The company offered game free but added egg hatching offer as a paid model, and that plan worked in the favor of game developers with 550 million registered downloads of game worldwide revenue of $ 470 million.
  2. Revenue through Subscription:  In case your application does a specific task regularly for your user’s customers, you have a chance to monetize the mobile app by offering the users a subscription model. The subscription model works best for apps that deliver content. The marketers can provide app free initially but make subscribers pay for additional content. The best example is Forbes, the globally-renowned business magazine, that opted for a similar strategy to monetize its application where app offers different subscription plans to the users which they can choose as per their needs. This strategy helped Forbes to drive huge dividends and is still going strong in its monetization model.
  3. The Freemium Model: An excellent revenue collecting model from users of the app. Here the app publishers offer the app for free at the first instance and then ask users to pay for unlocking its more advanced version. The users who are impressed by the app’s functionalities and features pay some money to use the same. By correctly implementing this model, app developers can easily generate money for their apps.
  4. Through Sponsorship: Another popular way to monetize the app is through engaging sponsors for securing ads for the app. This route is generally followed by those app marketers who haven’t found success with the ads. The marketers can experiment with this strategy in partnership with advertisers. The advertiser offers some rewards to customers when they complete any designated action with the application. Revenue is shared between marketers and advertisers. The ad personalization is taken to the next level in this model. Many ways like Sponsor banner, tweets and pools are few ways that app marketers opt to earn revenue for their apps.
  5. Use of Paid Download: The other distinct way to monetize the app is through paid downloads. Users pay once for downloading the application. Only those apps that provide something much more valuable to the users that other apps fail to provide will get extended visibility. This model of monetization of app generally proves to be a challenging one, as it is a very difficult job to convince users that why they should pay for the service they have not used yet when many more similar apps avail free on the app store. But one thing the developer of the app should keep in mind is that Google Play Store and Apple App Store take 30% of the price from the app publishers. Moreover, if the app fails to meet the expectations of users downloads get reduced thereby causing loss of revenue and it is not suitable for every app. This model can be used if the app offers value over the free app, robust app marketing is possible, and you are marketing the app under a brand name. Many start-ups opt for this premium model and guarantee exceptional features to the users. You could also market your app through this model if your app fulfills all the requirements stated for this model. Learn more about how to monetize your app through paid downloads from online digital marketing agency USA Call +1(408)-372-0967
  6. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be an attractive option for startups if they have designed and can provide services suitable for subscriptions in their apps. Long term client payment commitments are possible in this model. Opting for SaaS can help increase the revenue along with assisting the marketers in securing income stream on which they can easily trust. Popular options in this model are Pay as you go and, Tiered Pricing.
  7. Brand Labeling: In this White or Brand labeling selling of a product or service under the brand name of a company other than it was developed. Here the company produce product and services and then sell to another one for further marketing. Users only know the product through the brand name it is sold. Your app can be successful only if the brand under which it is being sold is solid and have an excellent marketing model to take the app finally to the users.
  8. Through Email Listing: Email also plays a great role in in-app promotions and generating revenue for the app. You know that most of us use the same email address and there is no change unless there is an absolute need and it is possible to run regular email campaigns to promote your app. You can garner email addresses by attaching an email subscription form to your app.
  9. By SMS Marketing: SMS is an age-old technique, and you cannot ignore it to monetize your app in present-day also. As SMS as the technique does not require any special arrangements to function, it sits atop all other advertising techniques. You can always send SMS to anyone if you have his phone number and you can get this phone number database easily in the market. By creating a compelling and striking content you can invoke people to open the SMS and read the content. But it is necessary that your message is polite in tone.
  10. By Crowdfunding:  The final app monetization strategy in this article is marketing the app through crowdfunding. It is a process where the app or projected is funded publicly over the internet. But here there is one doubt that one cannot be sure of the amount the public will fund for your project. The crowdfunding market is likely to reach $ 300 billion marks by 2025, as per The best platforms for crowdfunding are Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, Pateron, Razoo and RocketHub.


The above list of strategies of app monetization is not a complete list but a few important ones. You can evolve your own strategies as per your needs by combining any number of strategies that you think are suitable for your app and make your app successful in this front.

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