The increase induction of Smart Mobiles and Internet among the masses has led to steady growth in the development of Mobile Apps in the last decade. Not only apps are being developed for individuals but applications are being developed for the promotion of business activities by the business world, and businesses with the help of Mobile App Development Companies are taking App development for their business in huge numbers.

Customers find it easy to operate though mobiles apps rather visit the website to conduct online business. As per one research, an average mobile user spends more than 80% of his total mobile time on the apps that are installed in his mobile device. This shows how popular are mobile apps among mobile users, and how much potential they carry to promote the business to success.

Before the mobile app development you must pay attention to the various factors or points which are necessary for consideration to build a Robust Mobile App, and include:

*  The mobile platform or operating system (Android or iOS) on which app needs to be built;

* The Mobile App Development Company you wish to hire for your business app development;

* Figure out the budget for your app;

* How will you promote your app, ways, and means;

* Study the scope of the application which you intend to build;

* Features and Functionalities involved and many more things that are necessary for application success.

Significance of Customer Research in the development of Robust Mobile App Development

 After thoroughly considering the above points in app development you have to pay a crucial amount of attention to the customer base where you decide to release your mobile app. You have to decide the target audience of your mobile app if you want your app is eventually a robust, and successful business mobile app. For this, you need to have significant research about the Customers who will be using your app.

Here are some of the important points on why it is crucial to have customer research for a successful Business Mobile App development:

1.Your Mobile Platform or Operating System,Android or iOS?

The platform you decide to build your app decide about the customer base. The most popular platforms of app development are Android and iOS, and you have to decide on which platform you intend to release your app.

 Both the platforms have a different kind of customer base, often referred to as Android Users and iOS users. There is a huge gap in the customers base of these platforms users and you have to know about both the kind of users.

Android is the most popular mobile app platform occupying a base of more than 80% of the market. If your intention is to target more customer base, then you need to hire a Leading Android App Development Company to build a fully featured Android Mobile App for your business.

However, the Android app users have a lower in-app purchases average than the iOS app users. You have to decide whether you want to target a mass consumer base with your Android mobile app or you want to have a premium customer base with iOS mobile application development. If your intention is to cover a mass customer base then you have to opt for an Android Application Development Company as this will greatly help your business to explore full market potential.

2. Business Nature: The nature of your business plays a crucial role in the development of your business Mobile App, as it will greatly influence the ways your business is to be present to your target audience. You have to do extensive customer research to make sure that you are pitching your app to the right business audience.

With the right customer research, you can convert your potential customers to your loyal customers. A leading mobile app development company can help you to do the necessary research about your target audience and develop a right app for your business audience on a right platform.

If you are a eCommerce company and you want a large customer base then Android Platform is best for your mobile app. But in case you are dealing in premium items and want premium customers for your product then it is better to go in for a iOS mobile app as iOS phone users have a great purchasing power.

3. How you Market your Mobile App: The way to market your app is decided by your target customer base and you must have a clear vision about it. If you are targeting iOS users, you can go in for a paid app downloads, or you can promote in-app purchases.

How you market your mobile app also decide what are the needs of your app, how precise it should in terms of design and users experience. iOS mobile users have a different set of preferences and your app should be built accordingly. iOS users don’t download apps which are not certified and high app ratings on the App Store. You can also market your app through various social media channels and through your website also.

If you intend to target the mass customer base though Android Mobile applications, you need to go in for free app download and promote the in-app purchases. The Android Mobile App developer you hire can help you to craft an engaging application for your business. Android Apps can also be marketed efficiently through social media channels and your websites also.

4. Actual App development budget you have: You can decide on the actual app development budget only when you have clearly decided about the app development platform where you want to launch your app.

In general, a native IOS app development needs more budget than native Android App development. The budget needs depend mostly on the platform you decide for your app as there is a different level of compatibility for features you wish to incorporate in your app.

Thus the above points clearly help you to decide why the customer research for app development is crucial. So before developing your business mobile app, you should be very particular about the customer research and also the company you hire for the development of the app.

For your mobile app to be successful there are some other key features which you should also take care of along with the above-discussed points and blend the same in your business mobile application. These are:

* Voice Search

*Location where the app is to be pitched

*Face detection feature

*Social media Integration

*AR and VR integration

* Personalization options

*Offline support features

*Payment gateway integration

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