If you are feeling hungry, wants a have a delicious mean but you don’t want to visit to restaurant due to your busy schedule, then there is no worry. There are hundreds of food delivery mobile apps available which can offer you delicious dishes as per your convince and delivered at your place. This was not possible few years ago. Since every sector is becoming technology driven and food sector is not left behind. On demand food delivery apps are now flooding the market and becoming quite a part of food industry, and every food outlet desire to have one in order to remain in the competition. In India Food Panda, Zomato and Swiggy are major food delivery apps but there are hundreds of other apps available in the market.

Why it is necessary for the restaurant to have food delivery app of its own developed? The statistics shows that the number of people ordering food is growing steadily both in India and world. Zomato and Swiggy have seen order book increasing from 42000 per day from 2016 to 78000 per day in 2017 in  India. It sounds promising for those who are thinking of launching their own on demand delivery business to have a food delivery app.

To start with what one should take into account? Let us answer this question by analysing the way how the start-ups can enter the market.  We will also review what are the main types of food delivery apps and their typical features and also give our tips and suggestions how to make your application successful so as to enable you to earn more profit from your restaurant business.

  Types of delivery Apps

There are two types of food delivery apps services. One operates as a platform for restaurant that employ their own delivery drivers, another operates sending the delivery driver, or third party delivery from the restaurant and food is shipped to all kind of places such as office, homes or any place that one desire. Both are achieving the same goal but should be thought of separately. Choosing one truly depends on the individual restaurant’s want and needs.

Features of Food delivery apps

  A popular Food delivery app should include following features;

  1. Catalogue/ Menu: In a good food delivery app catalogue or menu is the main feature. Here in this feature the main type of food items offered are mentioned. In apps which caters to different restaurant, usually have a sophisticated menus with different filters to find dishes of particular cuisine or a restaurant so that while order food the customer have a clear idea about the restaurant and cuisine availability.
  2. Location: Usually food delivery apps cover a particular place or region. Before placing order exact location of the user is enquired. This feature of adding location helps the restaurants to serve clients in their region and not from outside. These geo location features also include a scheduled time when the delivery of food item will be made to the person ordering it.
  3. Online ordering: This feature helps the users to place order online through their smart mobiles, no matters where he is at present. This feature eliminates the effort of calling the restaurant and placing the order as it was done in the past.
  4. Online payment: For a good food delivery app online payment feature is must. Integration of mobile payment gateway helps the users to pay online for their order and also avoid restaurant accountant to track the payment. Generally apps include payment through PayPal, Brain Tree and many more other mobile payment companies.
  5. Order tracking: Not a very important feature but usually all food order app include this feature. With this feature user can track the order delivery right from restaurant till his home. The feature use real time GPS tracking and allows user to track his order.
  6. Push Notifications: This feature helps the restaurant to inform about the user about his order and also any special discounts offered by them, or when they are going for any scheme. This feature helps restaurants to retain its users to a large extent.
  7. Loyalty Programs: As customers like to have discount or bonus on their order, this feature helps restaurants to push information of any loyalty programmes to the users.

Benefits of Food delivery app:

We discuss in brief the benefits of food delivery app

  1. It helps in expanding current customer base and boosting revenue
  2. If makes your business visible online
  3. Helps customers in placing orders as it is just a click away
  4. It is fast, easy and comfortable
  5. It provide transparent platform without any misunderstandings and leads to no frustrations both at restaurant end and user.
  6. It makes business 24/7
  7. Online menu is simpler to manage
  8. Less hassle on handling undecided calling clients
  9. It frees both the client and restaurant as there is no ordering cost.

After discussing the prominent features and benefits of the food delivery app the next question that arises is the cost of developing the app. The cost of developing the food delivery app depends on the features that the app shall include and also the platform (Android, iOS) used and the approach of the app (native or hybrid) and the company hired for this purpose. Generally a time of three to four months is required to develop app, testing and back end services. The cost estimate of developing an app is difficult as it all depends on the scope of the work and your priorities.

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