The world is changing at a fast pace and everywhere we see the impact of technology. Everything today comes wrapped in technology. We have to understand the ever-changing needs and preferences of customers if we want to have a competitive edge in the market. There is a surge in “E” and everything has become “E” like “E-Commerce”, “E-retailing”, and “E-business”. Also, there is a rise in mobile e-commerce apps and taken over the retail market like a storm. This has led to a hike in e-Commerce app development to a large extent and Custom Mobile App Development services in USA call +1(408)-372-0967, are in the forefront in developing apps for e-commerce companies.

Before discussing the necessity of e-Commerce mobile app for a successful e-Commerce enterprise let us understand the concept “E” factor which has a revolutionary effect on doing business at present time. “E-Business” refers to doing business over the internet in an exclusive manner with the use of technology. Thus transaction of buying and selling of goods and services is done through the computer, mobile or any other network connected device constitute “E-commerce”. Selling of retail goods over the internet constitutes “E-retailing” and can be related to Business to customer relationship to a large extent.

Today customers are moving away from the brick and mortar concept form of marketing to a more convenient form e-Commerce. This is the reason that to survive in the cut-throat competition retailers are forced to add value not only to their products but the services they provide to their customers. For this, they are approaching the Leading e-commerce website development company in USA call +1(408)-372-0967 to get their e-commerce websites developed.

As a result of growing smartphone usage, there is growth in e-commerce activities by the users and it is estimated that retail e-commerce sales which is more than 2.2 trillion at present likely to grow to US$ 4.88 trillion by the year 2021. Mobile e-commerce gets the maximum share of this sale. By 2020 it is expected that over 2 billion people world over will make some form of a mobile e-commerce transaction. This all goes to show that many online shoppers like to take advantages of mobile applications. It is likely that mobile devices will soon outstrip desktops as main devices of online e-commerce retail activities.

Looking at the increasing numbers of retail e-commerce activities through mobile devices the next burning questions are why customers turn to mobile apps for their online shopping? what attract users to e-commerce apps? and what is the necessity that your enterprise needs one to be a successful e-commerce business entity?

TOP Reasons why your Enterprise needs a Mobile App

  1. Online shoppers Prefer apps to a mobile browser: As apps are superior over the mobile browser shoppers prefer to use apps for their online retail purchases. About 78% of users claim that they will use a mobile app than to access a store via a mobile browser.

This preference for mobile apps by users is due to the reason that these are much more convenient to use while shopping. There is no need to remember a URL and login to shop through an online store. There are more speed and security in using applications for online shopping as compared to a mobile browser.

2. Mobile App Builds customer loyal: Mobile App builds customer loyal to your brand. When a customer downloads your app shows a higher level of investment in your brand. Mobile app helps customers to decide about the product and brand and make mind to purchase the products offered there. In mobile site, customers visit only to look up for the contact information. Customers spend more time on apps than on the mobile sites.

According to one survey, it has come to light that mobile app users are twice as likely to return to your online store within 30days as compared to the shoppers who uses your mobile website.

You can use the mobile app to boost customer loyalty through the following ways:

*Enhancing visibility to the Customers: When a mobile user downloads the app in his mobile phone of a particular e-commerce enterprise the features possessed by the mobile app increase the usability and visibility of brand to a novice customer. Due to this enhanced usability, the e-commerce entrepreneur can make a strong presentation of his business on the customers who use his mobile app for purchasing the products. The further mobile app starts work within seconds as soon as it is downloaded and customer need not have to wait for a lot of time to place the order as everything is present in the app instructing the customer as for how to place the order.

*Push notifications: Entrepreneur can use push notifications to communicate with their customers through a mobile app. They can tell app users as and when their desired item is available at the store. Also, notification of any discount and incentives and any forthcoming can be easily made available to customers through push notifications.

*Advanced Support: Customers can be provided full advanced support in case of any difficulty they face in dealing with the store 24/7. Customers can get their problems solved through the app via live chat or chatbot instead of using their desktop.

3. Less Response time: Generally user of internet are concerned about how fast a website or an app performs when they browse it. Mobile app is likely to complete an action in a significantly lower time than a website as the apps store their data partially on a mobile device. Though apps connect to servers in the same way as the website but it takes ten time less time than browser. Apps are very fast to retrieve the required data.

4.Enhanced users experience: The presentation of store among the customers is important for the success of online sales. Every customer who is assessing the online site of store expect that there is no problem in navigation and they are able to find what they want to explore there. Mobile apps are simple in layout and and customers find it easy to use as no irrelevant buttons and banners are there and this lead to a more satisfying user experience. Users are not distracted to any irrelevant information , thus they try to spend more time there and do not checkout and return in a faster to make purchase as it is easy for them to remember your app.

5. Faster conversation rates: With simple navigation and satisfying UX apps leads to greater conversation as compared to desktop and mobile sites. The rate of conversion through apps are more than three times higher than mobile websites and more than one and a half times higher than desk top sites. As mobile user like to make purchase through apps, they access and view your store through apps by 4.6 more.

6. Customers engagement with phones inbuilt features: Stores can use the customers devices to their advantage. Many phone features like GPS, Microphone, and Camera can be integrated in the app for easy engagement of the customers. With GPS the location of the customer can be pinpointed and you can direct the customer to the nearest store to physically check the items he desire to purchase online. This will make customer more attached to your store and leads to more purchase.

7. Lower abandonment rate with mobile Shopping: One of the major issue faced by e-commerce concerns is the shopping cart abandonment. People tend to abandon or add items to their cart or simply logout from the site. There are large number of people who make incomplete purchases. But this number can be reduced to a large extent if we create an e-commerce app.

The rate of abandonment of cart in case of mobile app is very less as the customers who log through app don’t have to follow cumbersome procedure due to simple checkout process. User don’t have to bother about shipping and payment as all the information is stored within the system, and purchaser can do all the buying with one click. The desktop version of e-commerce website hinders the decision of the purchaser as he is not sure about the purchase formalities. User of mobile app has a clear mindset about what he is going to purchase and as such cart abandonment rate is quite lower.

8. Higher value of average order: Mobile app being simple to operate and with lower cart abandonment rates boosts customer loyalty and thus leads to more average order value. Mobile apps lead to more revenue generation than desktop website due to its ease of use and very less formalities. Purchasers tend to return more on mobile apps for their purchases due to easy payment , one click ordering , and push notifications. This all leads to higher order rate, which according to one estimate is 130% more than the desk top website.

To make your e-commerce store successful mobile app offers a wonderful opportunity and every store should strive to have a mobile app for their store so as to achieve their business goals.

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