Nowadays web developers choose PHP as their main programming language for web development. It is extremely popular among web developers and they love to develop their projects in the PHP framework. The reason behind the use of PHP-7 by web developers is that it makes the web development a whole lot better Though PHP language was developed in the year 1995, the latest version of PHP-7 has brought stunning performance improvements and Quality Assurance Practices. The new version of PHP-7, 7.2.12 released on Nov 18, 2018, empowers the website and web applications with the help of its rich bundles of features and has helped it to reach new heights of popularity among the web developers across the world. With better error/exception handling, 64-bit support and less memory consumption have made it a popular choice for website development for smart devices.

In this article, we will discuss in details the reasons why PHP-7 is popular among web developers and why they are anxious to develop their nee websites developed on this framework.

  1. Improved Speed: PHP uses the Zend engine, which provides power to improve the application performance. With new Zend engine 2 the latest version has got improved functionality, and speed and lead to the fast execution of projects. Moreover, the number of servers needed to serve the same number of users will be lesser in PHP-7 developed web projects.

  2. Easy error handling: With PHP-7 the errors are no longer raised the way as it used to be raised. Errors now behave in a similar way an exception. Now errors can now be caught in a try/catch block. Both errors and exceptions can be caught as Throwables and catch errors as Errors objects. The new engine handles the errors by replacing it with an exception.

  3. 64 Bit Windows systems support: PHP-7 latest version supports 64-Bit Windows Systems and it is good for both native 64-bit integers and large files that support the projects. Earlier version PHP 5.x don’t support 64-bit integer or large file assistance. The is very important for a developer error to get eliminated.

  4. Enhanced Performance: PHP-7 helps developers to deploy code faster than ever before for debugging, and its monitoring and deploying tools give developers an efficient path to develop efficient websites with improvement in their performance, which is twice as fast as the previous version of PHP 5.6.

  5. New Spaceship Operator introduction and Syntax Change: PHP-7 comes with new family member introduction with Spaceship Operator and this is assisting developers in quickly and conveniently compare two expressions in their code practices. This was not possible with the earlier versions of PHP and if the developer is working on a website developed in older version then there is a need to change the existing code such as error handling with object-oriented exceptions, comments within the page.

  6. Return type declarations Enhancement: PHP-7 adds support for return type declarations. It is similar to argument type declarations, return type declarations specify the type of the value that will be returned from a function. Before PHP-7 there was nothing like to declare variable types in PHP. To store any value developers can just declare a variable without its type. But in PHP-7 developers can declare four types of variables such as scalar types, Float, Int, Bool, and String.

  7. Provide a clean environment:: PHP-7 is created with the main aim of bringing improvement in web development by freeing up space. Many unwanted functionalities, outdated server APIs which are not supported as well as extensions have been eliminated in PHP-7.

  8. New secure random number generator functions: Two new functions are included in number generator API.PHP 7 to generate cryptographically secure pseudorandom integers and strings in a cross-platform method.

  9. Many Big companies use PHP7: Many big companies use PHP7 for their websites. Etsy is a popular PHP-based online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. After migration to PHP7, its website is significantly better in terms of memory and system/user CPU usage, homepage/listing delivery speed and a number of hosting servers. Tumbir a popular micro-blogging that has migrated to PHP 7 and has seen reduced 50% CPU load on its servers and its pages are twice fast than before. Badoo is a popular PHP based social network has also migrated to PHP7. Badoo has saved $100,000 a year in hosting costs due to migration to PHP7. All these big companies are showing interest in PHP7 due to its many leading features.


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