Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in the total lockdown, and all educational institutions are closed. The classroom teaching is no longer taking possible due to new awareness for maintaining social distancing and lockdown of all schools.

Since no one knows how long the schools will remain closed, many schools have adopted a novel way of teaching by taking help from technology through the use of online teaching apps. Mobile apps are taking education out of the classrooms to the home of the students. The parents who were worried about the children education now feel happy as they are working together with teachers to teach their children.

Taking the help of technology early movers are using What’s App group, sending digital material created with the help of teachers personal videos teaching virtual class supported by YouTube inks. Many schools are using apps like Zoom, Google classrooms for conducting online classes.

Why Custom online teaching app is necessary for Schools now?

The current school’s closures are giving a boost to online learning and the education system is going to see a far-reaching change in future. The 300 years old school education system was in the process of transformation but the recent events have added speed to this transformation by rapidly shifting the focus on online teaching. The pupils have started experiences the advantages of learning online, and it is expected that this education trend to go viral. Online digital classes are “the new normal” method of teaching students.

Almost all the schools are using the online free tools, and apps available on the net to conduct online classes. They are facing many problems to conduct their online teaching classes since the tools and apps available one line are not developed for online learning rather they are were developed for business promotion. For e.g. Zoom app is an online chat service cloud based-peer to peer software platform used in teleconferencing and social relations. Though this app is used by a large number of schools to conduct online teaching classes it lacks the essential features needed for online teaching. A recent event of some unknown guest entering the Zoom class and posted something objectionable has created doubt on the integrity of this app and use in online teaching. Many free apps do not provide complete Cybersafety to students and teachers.

So there is a dire need of custom mobile online teaching app for the schools. Many custom Mobile app development companies are taking this COVID-19 induced period as a challenge on education and have ventured in online teaching mobile app development for schools to conduct their online teaching very smoothly.

Benefits of Online Mobile Learning App Platform

Online Mobile Learning apps offers the following benefits:

  1. App Enhance Students Performance: Since there are no breakup in-class routines due to lockout students time is put to proper use. Their performance is enhanced due to the additional contents they get through links provided by teachers besides their teaching. After the online lectures, students can clear doubts by going through the lesson as many times as they want as app empowers students to take control of various aspects of their education. For slow learners, online lessons are very useful as they can learn the subject without anyone,s help.
  2. Less waste of students time: Lot of time is wasted by students in school on activities that re not related to their learning. E-learning apps of school can help students to use their downtime for educational purposes. Students can make the most of their learning time in learning as they have power in their hands to control when and where they learn.
  3. Improve Teach skills: A well designed online teaching app use improved tech skills to teach the students which are not possible in classroom teaching due to lack of technical gadgets with students. Here at the home, they can take help of mobile or computer to learn and interact with their teachers in odd hours also.
  4. Learning becomes Fun with apps: Many apps use gamification techniques in providing lessons to their students. Some difficult topics become more fun when presented in a game form. The student’s interest in subjects which students find boring is induced with learning apps.
  5. Two-way communication possible: Learning apps offers the facility to two-way communication between teacher and students. Schools can send notifications to students parents of important development, school fee payment and results. Parents can also interact with teachers through the app and can know about their wards performance in the online class. Tests and exams are possible through the use of e-learning custom school apps as these incorporate this aspect also which is not present in many free apps available on the digital platform.

Top Features of the Custom School e-learning App

The custom school learning apps allow school administrators, teachers, parents and students via real-time messaging and stay updated with all the latest events.l  Generally have the following features

  1. A Proper and Secure Classroom Teaching platform for each teacher and students.
  2. Payment of school fees is easy for parents as apps have an integrated secure payment gateway feature. Parents can directly pay school fees of child and amount will be directly credited to the school’s bank account.
  3. Apps have an inbuilt feature where teachers can create worksheet as per the school’s curriculum and share it with parents and teacher. Parents can check the report card of their child and communicate with the teacher without visiting a school.
  4. Parents can track the progress of their child with detailed analytics and can know their child’s shortcomings and know where he can improve with the help of a progress graph.
  5. With Push notifications, parents can receive important updates and notification of upcoming events, exam schedule, course and syllabus and important school notifications in real-time.
  6. Many other important minor features like dairy, annual calendar, school planner can also be provided to students, and their parents along with important announcements. Staff Directories are also an added feature to help parents to know about the teacher’s qualifications and experience. Moreover feature like private messaging with teachers by parents and vice-versa is also a useful tool in custom online learning school app.

The Custom Online Mobile teaching app development is now the need of the hour, and school management should think of getting one developed for their schools. Best Mobile App Development company in USA call 01(408)-372-0967 can help you in this job.

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