Many a times when we open a new Mobile application after download we find that button and element placement is not perfect and some are going beyond your device screen. How many of you remember that when you open any option in mobile app you find that screen was filled with bold colours and a lot of text.

You might have also heard people say that this app has poor UI, or that this app’s UX is excellent. At this point you have wondered what UI and UX are and how they are important for an mobile application or a website.

Every time a app face an issue related to UI or UX, the outcome is almost always app un-installation. So we understand that in-app building UI and UX play important role. Before we go further we first understand what is UI and UX as these are the most confused and misused terms in mobile app and web development field. We also explore whether UI and UX are same or there is any difference between then, and why both are critical in app development process.

What is UI?

In Mobile application UI stands for User Interface. The UI consist of the look and feel, product appearance, and interactivity of the app from users point view. UI designers want to delight users by the look and feel of the app. In mobile application development UI design is aimed towards easy, enjoyable and effective interaction between the users and the app with a primary goal of providing best interaction of app to the users through use of effective UI principles.

What is UX?

User experience (UX) abbreviation stands for User Experience. UX design is less about the look and feel of a web or app product, and more about how it function, and how users interact with it while using the app and web products. The main aim of mobile app UX principles is to enhance the loyalty of customers using the app by providing a positive experience to them. UX is important in deciding the success of the business and mobile app.

In mobile app UI and UX design is always put together and they complement to each other. For a successful app, both the UI and UX of the app design must be of top order.

The fundamental difference between UI and UX design in app development  

UI design is all about the look and functionality of the app, whereas the UX design is all about the overall feel of the app user. UX design typically comes first in the phase of app development than the UI. The UX designers maps the user’s journey’s basic structure; it is then loaded with visual and interactive elements by the UI designer. Both play an important role in the app development process and do go hand-in-hand; and you cannot have one without the other.

Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development Process

Importance of UI-UX Design in Mobile App Development Process

Both UI/UX Design play important role in app development and app developers must know the significance of both before they begin their development work. Most developers create an app with great performance but fail to focus on the designing aspect of the app which leads to the downfall of the app. There should be a balance between the functionality and UI UX design of an app, though this is hard to keep but that’s what is needed the most and must be done.

Following are the points which show how UI and UX design play important role in the app development . Le’s have a quick look at the reasons behind the popularity and significance of UI/UX for mobile application.

  1. Increases the Users Interaction and engagement with app: The app designs attracts the users to it, and ensure that they spend more and more time on the app as possible. So great UI/UX design impresses users with interactive content and flawless navigation. and makes users to understand the designs and navigation well enough to stick around the app for long run.
  2. Ease in Navigation: Efficient UI/UX designs enhance the navigation experience of the users of the app so that they can use the app with a greater ease and without any obstacles. Better UI/UX design ensures users to visit their destination with the minimum number of taps. This motivates users to explore the app further. On the other hand a complex UI/UX design makes app navigation difficult for the users and thus it is very harmful to the business as it risks the loss of visitors to use the app.
  3. Allows Simplicity: The popularity of any app depends directly proportional to the simplicity of the app. To keep the app simple you have to make the best use of your designs. There should be use of the minimum number of function but their use must be at the optimum level. There should be no clutter element in the app so that it performs better in the hands of the users.

So it is of utmost importance that the mobile app developers understand this fact and they should design the app in such a way that there is no useless stuff in them as the user visit the app with a purpose, so they don’t need any kind of distractions.

  1. Makes user-centric approach Possible : It only the user-centric approaches that maximize your chances of making your app successful in this fiercely competitive world of apps. Better UI/UX designs allows you to focus on ensuring that your app serves the best interest of your target audience so that they remain loyal with your app and brand. For making your UI/UX design efficient and user-centric you need to make sure that the Mobile app development company and its developers are very clear with the fundamentals of UUI/UX designs before they start developing your app.

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  1. Helps the to get features in app stores: Whether a mobile app is good or not is determined by how many users like it after the download. The ratings and reviews given by the satisfied users of the app will bring your mobile app to the top of the lists in app stores. To get your app features in Ply Store and App Store, make sure that developers of your app have added all the good feature of UI/UX designs. Getting featured in the top lists of any category will automatically bring more traction to your app.
  2. Helps you to get Loyal Customers: Apps with great UI/UX designs attract more users and it is a fact . Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc have great UI/UX which has drawn millions of loyal users to them. The satisfaction that comes fro great users experience is what makes users more loyal to the app. Word of mouth is another important reason why UI/UX in the mobile app is important.
  3. Saves Cost and Time in Long Run: The apps with best UI/UX practices need very less app maintenance and updates from the day it is launched. There will be very few challenges that your app might face after its launch.

Now that you have seen the importance of UI/UX design for the app there are few tips that you should consider while developing the UI/UX design for your great app. Your app should use conventional elements, there should be uniformity in design across app platforms. You should always the right UI and UX designer for developing your app and can employ an expert through outsourcing the app development process to the best app development agency in USA Call +1(408)372-0967.

Further, your app should be as interactive as possible, and its UI/UX design should be according to the specific requirements of the platform for which the app is being developed. Moreover, see that apps UI/UX designs don’t hamper the app speed as the app only needs its appearance and speed to attract more users.

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